Week 1 – Thinking About Learning, Understanding, and Teaching

This week I embark on my journey of completing a Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology. This will serve as an extension of my Masters program in K-12 Educational Administration from Michigan State University.

In Week 1 of CEP 810, we explore the concepts of learning, understanding, and how the conceptualization of information impacts teaching and educational outcomes. My classmates and I have been asked to write an essay exploring this topic utilizing readings from Brown & Cocking’s (2000) How People Learn. In the essay, I position learning as a process defined by social and experiential factors that formulate a conceptual map in which all knowledge is placed. I then provide considerations for how this dynamic process of mapping and categorizing material connects to both teaching and the objectives of CEP 810. The full essay may be located here.

One thought on “Week 1 – Thinking About Learning, Understanding, and Teaching

  1. Dear Alex,

    I’m really impressed at what you have been able to put together of your blog so far. I think that you did a great job with both your first blog post and your about page. I really liked how you started your paper with several scenarios of students applying different methods of learning. Your paper really flowed well in going from big ideas to teacher implementation to the use of technology. I appreciated that while you said that technology is a powerful tool for teachers, that it must serve a purpose instead of being “technology for technology’s sake.”


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