CEP 810 – Week 4

Evernote – The Return of A Friend

A beautiful note taking app that has taken the educational, corporate, and personal world by storm.

Now, Evernote and I have a bit of a history. The program Evernote made its debut in 2008, my first year of undergraduate studies. Like many college relationships, Evernote and I dated off and on throughout our four years of college. As much as I loved the interface and ease of use, I consistently found myself using Microsoft Office and an elaborate system of folders to create, archive, and organize the digital material in my life.

When Google Drive entered the market, I instantly fell in love and have been an avid user ever since. I love the ability to utilize multiple accounts over many platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS and internet browsers. The honest truth is  almost every file I have is stored in Google Drive – in fact I have never opened my school provided personal drive.

This week in CEP 810 we are exploring workflow management utilizing the principals from David Allen’s, Getting Things Done. We have been asked to select and live with one technology that can assist with our workflow. As a technology junky, I have, at one point or another,  dabbled with a large majority of the tools that were suggested as options. Microsoft OneNote has been a terrific resource for organizing and collaborating. My travel packing list, coupon listings, shared to do lists and other items all reside within OneNote. I would stick with it if not for the release of the single iOS app that has changed my life: Scannable by Evernote.

In a paper free world, Scannable is helping me cut clutter and lead a more organized, eco friendly life. The beauty of Scannable is that, as an Evernote product, it seamlessly uploads scans automatically to the Evernote notebook of your choosing. WIN. So with the luxury and allure of Scannable on its side, Evernote is one again creeping its way back into my life.

My Review

Interface: 4/5 stars

Very clean and easy to use. The program looks great across platforms. The Windows application looks slightly dated.

iOS App
iOS App
Mac application
Mac application
Internet Browser Interface
Internet Browser Interface
File Types: 5/5

Evernote can handle almost any type of media possible and can even record voice notes!

Speed of Syncing: 5/5

Fast and reliable. Period.

Usability: 4/5

Creating folders, stacks and notes are all easy and intuitive. Minimal clutter means technology newbies and experts alike can use this application with ease and enjoyment. Seamless switching between accounts requires Premium account.



This past weekend I used Evernote and Scannable to digitize every receipt I have collected since January – June 2015. 243 receipts to be exact. The process took a few hours but it simultaneously eliminated a shoe box of wrinkled, fading receipts (i.e. clutter) while making them searchable and organized!

The Results!
The Results!

As for my work life, I have created “To Do Lists” for each of the major events that happen throughout the year, which, as a high school instrumental music teacher, is a lot. These lists can be accessed from anywhere and can be cleared and reused each year. As an organization junky, I am excited to utilize these lists!

As for larger organizational systems – I do not wish to attempt to begin using Evernote for storage – Google Drive and I are in a committed relationship that cannot be shaken. The beauty of Google for me has been its ability to seamlessly switch between my personal, work and grad school accounts without having to log out and log in. This is possible in Evernote, but only on Premium Accounts ($5.99/month).  Am I willing to pay $6 for this convenience? Maybe. Is it an arduous task to log out and log in to switch accounts? No. Do I still find it incredibly  annoying? Yes.

Will Evernote stay in my life? For personal receipt storage – absolutely. As to its application to my workflow professionally – the jury is still out. For now, I will continue exploring.