CEP 812 – Week 2

Humans Are Stupid

“Humans Are Stupid” says James Gee. It may be a slap in the face, but Gee provides some fascinating insights into the evolution of humans and its implications in the modern world. The Anti-Education Era, Creating Smarter Students through Digital Learning is a journey into the human brain – examining its evolution, its function in modern society, and implications for education.


Our ancestors had to “pack light”, focusing on their basic needs in order to survive. Though getting through the line at Starbucks to get a latte may FEEL like survival of the fittest, we no NEED to react in the same primal manner as our predecessors. In general, we no longer see ourselves as reacting to complex problems based on our basic needs and emotions, that is exactly what our brains do on a daily basis. So how do we engage students in a manner that allows them to actively participate with knowledge and place it within context so that it becomes associated with a want or need? “Just because” can no longer be a reason for students to learn material. We must engage students in a more authentic manner. CLICK HERE to learn more about this fascinating subject.