CEP 812 – Week 3

Failure As A Learning Mode: A Survey and Analysis

“Failure doesn’t mean the game is over, it means try again with experience.”

Len Schlesinger, The Global Leadership Summit

Failure is widely accepted as an important part of the learning process. Whether within an educational institution or in every-day life, failures are learning opportunities that not only build knowledge, but instill resilience within those that experience it. In education, learning is centered upon risk, however institutions of learning have traditionally been intolerant to risk (New Media Consortium, 2013).

Original Photo by Darwin Bell – Creative Commons

Current trends in prioritization and emphasis on summative assessments often prevent students and teachers from taking risks due to the high-stakes nature of testing. This data collection and analysis examines student and teacher perceptions of failure, current utilization of technology within the classroom, and the utility of technology to encourage failure as a learning mode.

The path of inquiry in this survey draws heavily upon the ideas of James Paul Gee and Jane McGonigal who are avid supporters of the gamification of instruction to aid student learning. The results were very interesting to examine. For the results of my inquiry, as well as the full listing of survey questions and results, CLICK HERE.