CEP 811 – Week 4

A good lesson plan is worth its weight in gold. With the nature of what I do as a band/orchestra teacher, my lesson plans look very difficult than the average teacher. The scope is on larger units and rarely are capable of having the detail necessary for detailed activity such as the one outlined below.


I had a lot of fun playing with Sonic Pi this week while creating this lesson. There are so many great examples of work that have been completed using this free piece of software! This lesson plan activity is very different than that created in Week 2. Earlier this week I participated in a creative “think tank” where I was able to talk through my maker project with my colleagues in CEP 811. They were very supportive of the direction I began to take with this week’s activity, however they had great feedback about limiting the number of variables in the composition project so that students would not be overwhelmed by the scope of this rather larger project.

Within the lesson plan you will find links to all the materials necessary to complete the activity. It is my hope that teachers will have access to Raspberry Pi modules so their students can enjoy the full spirit of the maker movement. However, I am very happy that Sonic Pi is available for both OS X and Windows, so this is a project that is possible for all instructors, even if Raspberry Pi’s are not available at your school. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to provide feedback – it is a living document! Click HERE to see the lesson plan.