CEP 811 – Week 6

Integrating the Maker Movement into Music Education

The first entering CEP 811, the task of incorporating the Maker Movement into my music classroom challenged me. In music we are already “creators” as we incorporate instruments, music and knowledge into expressions of the human experience. The maker movement asks us to redefine what is possible in the classroom – how can students build and work together to gain a deeper understanding of the material?

This semester I have learned numerous ways of doing so. Embracing maker culture does not require changing the curriculum or moving away from a performance focused program. The projects can be ENHANCEMENTS of what is already being done. With the assistance of technology and the creativity of students, deeper intellectual understanding is fostered allowing for heightened performance in all areas of the program.

Below are 5 ideas for integrating the maker movement into the music education classroom. There are many more ideas out there. Join the MakeEd community and learn of even more ways to bring the movement into your classroom. #MakeEd #Music #MAET

CEP 811 - MakerEd in MusicEd-3.png