CEP 811 – Week 7: Final Thoughts

CEP 811 has been a wonderful course. It is challenged me to think in a creative manner that has pushed my thoughts on what I can accomplish with students in a performance based classroom. Though not all of the Maker Ideas are ones that are explicitly useful in the context of a performance-based class, the thought process behind Maker Education has been quite impactful.

How my thoughts have evolved:

  • Creativity CAN and SHOULD be graded.
  • Exploration, a key component of MakerEd, allows students to learn material in an authentic manner that builds independence.
  • Technology can expand beyond Google Apps for Education in ways that create connections to other disciplines.
  • Both students AND TEACHERS need opportunities to PLAYI have had a tremendous time exploring the many tools available through Web2.0.

As a short summary of my experience in CEP 811, I created the following video using PowToon (another great resource for educators!)